Personal Stance

Establishing a statement of my current position is dependable on my creative interests, beliefs and understandings.

I believe myself to bring a playful and unusually-creative flavour to design, taking reference and inspiration from a variety of sources and the everyday. I love a hands-on approach, taking myself away from the screen and experiencing the senses of actuality.


I’ve gathered a list of interests and potential research content, which are leaning towards a catalogue of current, personal research. I love unconventional and new methods of creating, combining and applying content to each other to design something with a twist or uncanniness.

  • Exhibition of interests? Understandings? Marketing? Content? – Something to explore when researching.


Depending on the audience, a personal statement forms a written description of yourself. They can explain/list personality, skills, achievements or interests.

In this context, the statement should describe who we are as a designer, in addition discuss potential interests subject to forming a research proposal and in time anĀ academic essay.

  • “Know thyself”
  • Identify your interests
  • Focus your ‘practice’
  • Collect information and research to establish ‘position’ and subject