The Triadisches Ballett is a ballet devised by Oskar Schlemmer, considered an avant-garde artistic dance, it gave prominence to the notion and came of age at the same time. The ballet toured during the 1920s, spreading the philosophy of the Bauhaus — minimalism and functionality.


Triadisches Ballett (film production, 1970)


Stelzenläufer (1927)


Triadic Ballet (1920s)


Exploring Ideas

Original ideas and discussions have led me to a couple of starting points to explore:

  • Symbolism
  • The everyday
  • Contrary culture/sub-cultures
  • Iconography
  • Emotional indulgence/impact

This idea that I can turn ballet on its head, and make it relevant to everyday life, or contextualise it in a less stereotypically traditional and civil manner, indulging in the themes that ballet explores such as desire, lust, passion, sadness, worry, fear etc.



Whilst thinking about relating to the younger audience, it reminded me of this past advert, the coming together of two different styles of dance –

*one modern and the other traditional*

My target audience however “already attend plays, gigs, and exhibitions“, they are cultured, throw out the idea of ballet without considering? I will have to consider multiple variations on my idea in order to relate to the wide diversity of the audience.