Professional Design CV

C.V. Professional Design practice 2018


Website Advertising Designs

The website landing page needs to advertise their new range, they have a wide and slightly narrow row where the advert will sit – almost a billboard size.

On my advert I plan to feature:

  • The Bar packaging
  • Key Visual Logo
  • Focus on ‘Health’
  • Range Name Logo

Advert Development

These compositions are working well, I’ll plan multiple versions to then determine which one works the best. Perhaps including a slogan – taken from the bar info.

Finalised Ad Designs (3 Versions)




Each ad I think works well, however:

  • Whilst 2 focuses more on the range name and health elements, the bars are staged to the side of the ad – not identifying the viewer of what to look for when shopping.
  • 1 works bringing across graphic and brand elements from the bar design, however does the bottom-left work? Text too small, too wide a gap between the range name and “Healthy snack bars”
  • 3 I think solves the problems within 1 and 2, displays every element I planned and is composed so every element sits well amongst each other.

Mock Ups & Bar Cutter Designing

I’ve decided to create two versions of the mock-ups, one designed around the bar-cutter and one as an actual formed packaging.

To begin with, below is two of the key visuals that ‘Grown Up’ wishes to include in the bar-cutter.

(Not in the Grown Up brand colours)

To match this, I’ve designed a another logo using those as a template around the 3 key visuals.

  • Same typeface, canvas size, composition and Grown Up colour scheme

This will sit on the bar-cutter designs, clearly and proudly identifying the nature of the bars ingredients.

Initial Packaging Bar Design

On the packaging, I’ve produced a playful colour duo that sits and encompasses the designs composition into the centre. Each bar’s colours will depend on the flavour – taken across.

Packaging Development

  • Instead of a straight vertical colour-block; I’ve designed an unpredictable, jagged shape that brings the bar to ‘life’ and also is reflective of the food textures within the bar.
  • I’ve also placed parallel triangular shapes that echo the curve of the bar. I’ve taken inspiration from the bouba/kiki effect – a study on the science of the sound of shapes. The idea is that the shapes are an onomatopoeic, interactive element that emphasize the ‘!’ in the range name and the sound of (again) the food textures. – Also emphasizing the youthful nature associated with ‘Grown Ups’ brand values and who they want to start appealing to.
  • These elements mirror each other, and use contrasting colour combinations taken from the two flavours of each bar.

Final Packaging Mock-Ups

As I showed before, this is the design for the bar-cutter guide. I’m choosing to stick with ‘Grown Ups’ design on their bars; changing only the colours to match the flavours on each bar and adding the key visuals.

Grown Ups Bar-Cutter Design

Bar-Cutter Development

Bar-Cutter Finalised Designs

  • Each bar has contrasting colour schemes identical to Grown Ups template.
  • The key visual logo I designed sits prominently along the bottom and top side of the bar – replacing the ‘not for kids’ logo; as this bar is for all ages, considering its aim at vegans and those on particular health diets.

Bar Design (2)

I’ve left room next to the flavour name for an image depicting the flavourings inside the bar – a visual aid enticing the shopper/buyer to pick up and purchase.

I firstly attempted drawing my own image – an illustration to emphasize the handmade nature.


Testing Designs

The actual result isn’t polished or complimentary to the bar design-style (Sharp, flat, monotone/one-colour, photo).

  • Try using photography? – Would match with the cow

Sourcing Imagery

Testing Designs

  • I’d thought to use an image that captures both flavours – a fusion

Apple + Caramel! Although the image is horizontally too wide for the space allowed.

Final 2 Choices

This second particular choice is perhaps the best – the actual image is appetizing to the eye and sits well, parallel to the flavour and company name. (Also the wooden stick is angled closely to the range name, a small nod that brings the composition together)

The illustration works well too, however I believe the photo works better considering both flavours are shown and fitting into the space provided.

Finalised Designs