Print + Poster Design

For print and posters, I wanted them to match what was visually shown in the exhibition, therefore audience could get a taste of what to expect (and perhaps hence want to see more?)

The wallpaper-esque background of graphic architectural elements is used in the poster, for playful visual curiosity.

Below I played with a variety of fonts for ‘P.L.A.Y’, this font would act as the display that would pair and answer to the vibrant logo. I most enjoyed the end font, which played with straight, linear elements – very similar to my logo. However I wanted the font and type to act as the more legible version and assist the understanding of the message.

  • The first font is too weighted, distracting and unbalancing the other elements
  • Perhaps the third font? Which is only slightly different from the second.

Testing Display Fonts

I’ve once again decided to bring the hand-drawn elements to highlight important information from the amount of body text on show, also to ensure it doesn’t upset the balance.

  • I’ve chosen to add little touches, such as the full stops between the title, which are replaced with the circular elements within the logo.
  • For the mock-up, each poster has an urban feel (the unfinished and bumpy texture) I felt this better communicated the concept of the artistic process within interior and architectural design. Showing that the final product is not just the result, and mistakes and happy accidents are all apart of being and thinking creatively.

Poster Mock-Up

The booklet design followed a similar process, which was designed more loosely to again express the ‘playful’ concept.