Event Graphics (2)

I had a clear concept for way-finding that would visually be consistent with the brand:

  • Be simple and clear
  • Understandable and Definable

I planned to use shapes and colours to structure a sharp, graphic aesthetic that would be easy to understand and ‘read’. I utilized the circular elements and colour-blocked them to represent the different spaces within the building, (creating a synesthetic resemblance?). 

Wall Graphics (Location Signage)

To clearly map the surrounding building I planned the area around a simple, linear graphic. Each area is loosely juxtaposed against each other, to create a straight-forward aesthetic. The font is taken from the primary typefaces:

Comfortaa – Regular weights (For display, PLAY title only)

Roboto – Regular & Black weights (For Body)

They correspond well together; the former has straight lines yet rounded edges to contrast with the logo (almost giving an digital vibe) and Roboto features simple, legible text with little character yet modern style.

Location Map

Wayfinding Map

I’ve also decided to place the current position on the map, in order to give context of where the audience is to the building and to further assist. A white circle around the shown-area represents the current position. (Nothing that distracts from the simplicity of the map).

(Large wall graphics clearly display location)

These graphic elements are taken outside of the building, which play with the surrounding space on windows. The architectural shapes work well as a wallpaper print/ background, placed almost at random. The descriptive body includes hand-brushes, which add a personal and almost tactile touch.

  • Hand-made?
  • Physical Labour of Architecture
  • Representative of initial sketches on show? (Show of development)