Brand + Logo (3)

From my fully-realized logo, the next step is to add colour (which was my initial idea I wanted to carry on). I want to play with primary colours, once again holding up the concept of building and construction roots – the root of all colours.

The basic outline of the logo I’ve created form an abstract resemblance of each defined letter. I spoke of ridding the visual individual cubes and merging them together somehow. – To which I’ve simply colour-blocked the letters. This has created a flat, 2D shape that graphically I think represents my concept of ‘Play’. (Taking inspiration from my research of 80’s prints)

Specific Definitions:

  1. The space in or through which a mechanism can or does move.
  2. Scope or freedom to act or operate.
  3. Activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation

These definitions represent the context and content of the exhibition – Architectural design/ Human and practical achievement. The colourful visuals explain themselves, communicating a simple and clear message. ✓

As an individual cube, I wanted to colour match accordingly to the monochrome light-source/ location I originally created (from earlier concepts).

(Top-left = light source) – This gave the most visual impact and created a well-defined cube

The Individual Cube (Coloured)

I began thinking about how to develop the legibility, as the simple shapes brought together could be perceived as otherwise. I came to see that the holes were missing in ‘P’ and ‘A’ which gave their key-recognition as a letter.

Rather than simply making holes I wanted to add character and challenge myself to add an element that would be suggestive rather than basic/the obvious.

  • Using cubes as another layer?
  • Basic shapes? – Different fonts use circle/ custom shapes to define?

I decided to test two options – cubes and linear circles.

Both I feel are usable options, for the first I chose to colour the front face of each cube to match the letter, only changing the two adjacent sides to create a subtle illusion.

  • I feel this doesn’t distract from the overall logo, rather corresponds and parallels with the shape/letter flow

The second works with circular elements, they act as more of an addition to the filled shape. I think they visually challenge the flow of the edged lettering and are weighted to balance the letter impact, finally, positioned so it defines the abstraction.

Furthermore, I gave the logo a graphic, shadowed background which creates an raising impact. Just enough to keep it flat-looking, however gives the illusion of 3D and protrudes into the view of the audience. 

Logo Development

I messed around with various colour combinations as the juxtapositions can look unbalanced if not done correctly.

  • The circular elements should be opposite on the colour wheel to its representative letter
  • Balance the complementing colour next to each other, or cornered apart?

The bottom left variation I feel is the most effective

Colour Variations

Finalized Logo