Brand + Logo (2)

After I couldn’t find a solution for my first logo,I took inspiration from the Channel 4 logo (Shown below). I admired the edged and sharp-cut look, however all pieces together to create the whole ‘4’ logo. I wanted to recreate this to form ‘Play’.

The shapes I’ve created I think are lacklustre and don’t have the impact of the 3D visuals of the first logo. Whilst I think the idea and potential is there, the better concept is with the former.

I undertook some searching and started from scratch with this cube (shown below) and perspective. This one focuses on the flat, front side taking an angle slightly to the right. Whereas the last cube focused on the centre-corner (for exact isometry).

Inspiration for Cube No.3

I multiplied the cubes to create an 8-piece version, which I think is going to act as the root-dimensions of the font I’m creating. With a front-facing cube as the lead it leads with equal 2D visuals that cement stability, which I hope will improve the legibility.

Cube x 8

By experimenting with the cube sides as individual, flat elements – has resulted in the below. I’m happy with this lettering and outcome; applying the alphabet to a 3-dimensional perspective works. I also added colour again to improve legibility and definition.

Logo Development

I’ve made a quick superimposition of the font, and I think it looks successful in-context. My only doubt is of the visible cube-edge defining each individual piece. I think it lacks correlation of the pieces and letters as a whole, as if they don’t appear ‘together’ as a wholly-connected logo?

Logo Superimposition