Brand + Logo (1)

I’ve begun using the original isometric cube to build letters and words (demonstrating my concept and its idea). By bringing them together, I coloured the formed letter to create a legible perspective.

Font Designing + Experimenting

I attempted a variety of designs which featured the addition and removal of cube quantity. Each letter was formed using the same cube dimensions, to show consistency and ease of reading.


The cubes with less dimensions and count were more abstract, and I feel flowed better from one letter to another. From the abstractions, you can identify symbols and images e.g. A = Front facade of a house (Which corresponds with my concept and exhibition content)

  • Compressed = more compact and design-considered?

I’ve also attempted different perspectives of the letters, which resulted in me thinking of making a cube with the letter forms? A 4-sided perspective works perfectly for my concept name ‘Play’, therefore a letter for each side.

Playing with form and legibility


I loved these results (shown above), the cube is compact and even. I thought colouring to display a light source could add character and definition? The grey seems dull and lifeless for a exhibition celebrating achievement and ambitions.

Despite this I’m struggling with legibility because of the joined letters and position,


*cube edges form a ‘Y’

  • Not sure how to solve legibility
  • Perhaps having resort to other options? Other cube isometrics/perspectives?
  • One positive is to take forward the colour co-ordinations – the playful and challenging combinations display an experimental and refreshing design