Inspiration and Ideas

From my notes and sketches I’ve thought of using 3D imagery, particularly isometric projection to accentuate the concept of creating ‘space’. I’ve taken images of the most basic form:

a cube

I personally see this shape as the root foundation for construction and materialism, it can be seen as the singularity to and for development.

I’ve gathered typefaces that experiment with space that extends from the regular 2D perspectives on digital formats.

I love this font shown above (Wireframe) and its concept of framework, giving a mixed illusion of perspective – something to work with?

  • Frame
  • Structure
  • Scaffolding?


Isometric Font – Maxim Tictac

  • Almost appears carved from a cube? A divine, ornate object or device?


80s Prints

The 1980s created a flair of prints and graphics used within interiors, fashion and other applications. They seem to be inspired from the era of 60s Pop-Art, and the rise of computer technology – high contrast, pastel colours, basic shapes/marks, futuristic graphics etc.

  • Incorporate this on various applications in exhibition – interactive? Walls, Floors, Columns etc.


Abstract Playground AP1 – Will Hurt

(Interactive screen-based and web-based animation commissioned by D-LAB and Level, 2015

“Abstract Playground AP1 is a screen based interactive artwork, part abstracted re-composition of Modernist architecture concerned with how forms occupy physical / digital space, part musical instrument encouraging users to “play” a potential building.”


I recently took a trip to Edinburgh, and came across this game device in the Scotland National Museum. The intuitive, simple, playful approach and design pulls the attention of the user. By simply pressing buttons they explore colour, construction and composition within abstraction of shape and building blocks.

  • This isometric, colourful and interactive design can directly inspire my concept as this is what my thoughts envision
  • My initial brand name of ‘Play’ would fit perfectly with this concept and visual imagery