The Marque [3]

I continued on with the marque, and wanted to introduce a graphic feature that would stand as an iconic memorable feature of the brand.

I tried using the paint brush tool, which allowed me to display the creativity element that I wanted within the brand image and ‘personal’ feel that can be suggested with ‘vintage’.


I chose yellow as I felt this packed punch and ‘popped’, which is the direction which I wanted to take the style and representative of the fashion-forward and pop/modern-cultural fashion they produced.

The graphic line appears well, and I wanted to form it into a square that would make an outline and form a aesthetically conforming image. The one stroke works well,however I want it to appear more cohesive and something that could transfer well across the brand?

Below I thought of the idea of transforming the strok into dashes, that would then resemble sewing patterns or patches, and could relate to the product context of the business. Therefore the audience could relate the identity to the product creating a strong relationship and originality.

I thought the graphic line appeared too thick and distracted from the top significance (the logotype) Perhaps decreasing weight of line?

This appears better and balances out well with the pen-style weight of the logotype.

Testing with Graphic Lines