Content Designing [2]

Lifestyle and Brand Imagery (Featuring variations of the corporate graphic mark)

When designing my content, I wanted to display a flair for creativity that would express the forward-thinking and alternative imagery that is explored within the business.

Here when showing the corporate colours, rather than using a simple square box, I chose to erase the outline with the graphic marque to run the brand image through subtly. (It also gives that impression of a colour swatch, something to be associated with fabric and material – fashion)

Attempting with superimpositions, however this image is difficult to work with in terms of texture and depth, perhaps trying flat, minimal mockups?

Much more successful, and allows me to successfully communicate my design and understand how the identity would look once applied.

Content Designing

Working with hierarchy to differentiate importance of information, Calibri Bold font too distracting? Maybe just using Light italics instead for consistent weight (Would correspond from graphic marque and logotype)