The Marque [2]

I’ve been looking at cursive and script fonts. The font I found (shown below) displays a varying width that represents the pressure and flow of ink – characteristics that bear resemblance to a signature, which is what I’ve been after.

“Dr Sugiyama” Typeface

Font Tweaking (In progress)

I’ve edited the font in illustrator, and something which I’m interested in is the drooping connection between the ‘i‘ and ‘n‘. I’ve tried writing the word out multiple times by hand, getting a feel of how I would subconsciously write each letter and which ones I would and would not join together. (See below)

  • The ‘a’ needs to be touched up, more fluid
  • When tweaking the ‘e’, twist the letter around to be parallel with the rest, however still in direction in joining with the descender of the ‘g’

I favour the designs where the individual letters are balanced in size, proportion and spacing whilst still collected together and legible as a natural handwritten font.

  • Coat hanger – potential emblem? Initials’V’ and ‘C’ stacked resemble this shape.
  • ‘V’ needs to point more towards the descending half, decrease in size (potentially ‘C’ too?)

I am extremely pleased with the final logo, after making minor tweaks I think all the elements (size, proportion, weight, spacing) have come together well.

I have made a small adjustment on the letter ‘e’, as the flick was wider than it needed to be, moving away from the circular nature of the letter and pen flow. I gathered this in and changed the pressure slightly towards the end to resemble the finishing ‘flick’ as a written signature may do.


I experimented working with ‘The’ within the title, however I felt it distracted from the collected nature of the logo and the complementing font pair of ‘Vintage’ and ‘Club’.

I downloaded a few fonts from Google, as I wanted a formal, fixed font for ‘Club’ that would sit well with the cursive face.

  • Capitals seems to take away from the ‘Vintage’ and disrupts the flow.
  • A ‘slot’ has been created for the ‘Club’ which appears to sit collectively within nicely.
  • *The font needs to be almost of a circular and even nature to parallel the cursive logo*

Testing with Fonts

I have chosen the ‘Raleway’ font in ‘Light’ weight for ‘Club’. The small flicks on the ‘l’ and ‘u’ give it a minor character and alternative quirk, a reflection of what I envision for the brand image. Also the thinner weight creates a juxtaposed hierarchy, acknowledging that ‘Vintage’ is the Key word.

The Final Logo