The Marque – ‘The Vintage Club’

The Vintage Club is a high-end fashion label specialising in vintage clothing. As a creative business, I wanted to inject some personality and craft. As a fashion-conscious person myself, I understand ‘vintage’ can either be defined as:

  • Minimal and Chic (Reiss, Ralph Lauren)
  • ‘Vintage'(Literal meaning) Worn and dated clothing from past eras

I’m attempting to bring together the off-beat aesthetic of vintage and the clean and simple ‘high-end’ to design an original brand.

Current brands (shown below) display a distinct variety of messages, the high-end (top) show that simplicity and class are all a good brand needs, perhaps even a memorable emblem. The alternative vintage brands are playful in their character, representative of modern culture and interest.

I’ve practiced with hand-generated type in various medium and styles, trying to capture the essence of a ‘ribbon’ look, significant of a fabric material – incorporating the product.

Using pure hand-type might end up looking illegible?  – Tweaks needed


Transferring this to illustrator, I’ve tested spontaneous ideas and concepts, I like the idea of using illustrative marks (pencil, paint etc.) for a personal touch and ‘happy accidents’, moving away from the fixed and dull compositions of a professional corporate manual.

I like the strong, calligraphic lines of this particular pen tool, however the behaviour and mechanics behind the tool leave irregular and filled parts. It seems I’m not achieving the perfect shape and style what I’m after, maybe consider looking at cursive typefaces – then tweaking?