Research & Thoughts


Research Project File


I have undertaken thorough and analytical research into current identities and understood that for a successful identity a design must work graphically and conceptually for achievement and to meet its purpose.

An identity will successfully serve both:

  • Creatively (Consistency of design including colours, type, logo etc. Problem solving, functionality)
  • Strategically (Branding, true to purpose, representing the brand, culture and community)

Some further notes,

Tireless (long-lasting, quality and evolving with the changing world and other relevant surroundings)

Conceptual (Shows thought and imagination to gain trust and loyalty with clients and audience)

Channel 4 Logo

On-Screen Applications

Here we have the current Channel 4 identity, which I have chosen as a personal interest and what goes above and beyond its aims.

Its model as a publicly-owned and commercially funded broadcaster is to serve the public with innovative, distinctive and experimental programming that reflects cultural diversity within the UK.

The logo is an abstract representation of this model, the individual and not-one-and-the-same blocks an extension of their diverse and different image and the UK community. The distinct and fluctuating logotype can be applied within and onto various media, reflective of the company values and interests whilst also serving its audience.

I have discovered a current trend and association with simple and minimal identities/branding:

  • Perhaps to be more appropriated with modern developments and applications
  • The digital age of social media and online presence?

Also reusing retro logotypes and identities, to invoke nostalgia and perhaps back to a time when they were performing at their best?

These points I’m taking forward whilst designing and considering my own identity.