Visualising Ideas

My ideas are starting to take shape and developing as they progress,

The imagery I choose to show will be an extension of said emotion that Ballet explores, however will be relatable to the audience as is shown in the contexts of reality.

Below I’m creating a billboard format that describes the theme of breaking up and relationships. I wanted to choose imagery that is somewhat comical and light-hearted in expression and body language, enough to see take Ballet out of its “formal and traditional“[1] context.

  • Featured logo in bottom corner, however potentially needs removal of negative white sections to transparent. (Distracts from imagery? More ‘flat’/Clean?)
  • What font to use?

In terms of font, I researched the ROH’s style guidelines and came back with their house typefaces, Gotham (For titular and display text, also body-copy) and Sabon Next (Only body-copy). I wanted to be in-keeping with the house style so the imagery I’m creating is recognisable to the company.

ROH Branding Guidelines

Gotham Typeface

Testing Fonts and Widths

This fonts also is simple (lack of character as to not distract from the message) yet shouts a statement.


[1] ROH Branding Guidelines