Visualising Ideas [2]

I’m creating a collective set of imagery that describe various scenarios, below I’m describing the differentiation yet opposing attraction of sound, I wanted to place to two together to show them out and in context so the audience can curiously see this unusual match.

I’m using a variety of sizes in order to display my campaign in different formats and locations, namely billboards/bus stops/flyers/online media.

This particular imagery I have chosen in order to attempt to relate to university students and culture as they have experienced this differentiation and understand it. (Library for studying and its ambient surroundings and a club/party atmosphere for the deafening, adrenaline-rushing vibes)

  • The text is Gotham, and have chosen ‘Bold’ as thicker widths distracted from the delivery of the message, whereas thinner widths displayed a lack of ‘punch’ and impact.
  • Text should display relation to image and be quick and simple in delivery.
  • Using size to enhance the message? (‘Noise’ bigger, ‘Silence’ smaller) This seems to distract.
  • Centre-aligning text creates an importance of appearance and presence.


This is a better design (shown below), however text and logo too dark for background? 

Branding Guidelines state,

Whenever the brandmark is used on a photographic or other varying background, there must be sufficient contrast between the background and the brandmark to ensure that the brandmark has a high level of standout. Ensure that the correct version, positive or negative, is used.”[1]

Billboard Advert


[1] ROH Branding Guidelines