Campaign – Print Media

For print (That will initially be handed out in public) I wanted to play with the idea that these would be given out to various people on the move, going somewhere, seeing places. This flyer would be an act to remove the person from their bubble and ‘open their eyes’.

I’ve used the term an escape as I wanted them to see that Ballet can be fantasy for imagination and creation and that it is a big a form an entertainment as popular media such as TV, film or gaming.

  • I’ve highlighted the word Escape as to enhance the fantasy experience (as if lifting from the flat material) Also I’ve shown it in a collection of colours as to appeal to the individual and to appeal to the senses (Synesthesia!) , and that an ‘escape’ is a variety of options.
  • I’ve also wanted to display a variety of people within my campaigns so I appeal to the masses regardless of background and tradition of Ballet.

Stock Imagery

I chose this image as I see it representative of Ballets imagination and interpretation. Her onlooking gaze, within the ‘bubble’ of her headphones, as if she is within her own World and fantasy.


Campaign for Flyer


The back of the flyer will display more information regarding the Ballet/Opera and upcoming performances, also about the hashtag project and to join in on the conversation.