Ideas + Further Thought

I’ve been brainstorming multiple ideas, the issue I have is how to persuade my audience to go see a ballet.

To attract the ages of between 20-30 I immediately considered using alternative and popular use of media such as social platforms, art contexts (zines, live demonstrations) To present my ideas I’ve considered:

  • Challenging the idea of ballet by juxtaposing it against an opposing cultural theme such as hip-hop (Using stereotypical associations such as graffiti, grunge/underground visual imagery)
    • Using the concept and material of billboards to display a torn image revealing an underlying message
    • Ballet in a hip-hop context

Torn posters

  • Using the human themes expressed within Ballet display them within the context and scenarios of contemporary life (e.g. Break ups, holidays, comedic situation)
  • Using the zine format to print a one-off or series of short comics/ a visual story that narrates a ballet dancer’s other interests that once again opposes the civil, “formal and traditional” associated connotations (perhaps they are also a (street dancer, freerunner, rapper, some other form of alternative culture)
  • Using the popular entertainment choice of cinema to show images of audience emotions that is assumed to be linked to film, however is actually reactions to ballet


Zine culture

Hip-Hop comics –

Choosing and testing these ideas will be the next step, to find the most successful format and theme fit for purpose.