• The study and purposeful communication of signs and their processes/visual language.

Almost everything we see and understand in our daily life has a process and hidden or visible context attached, which allows us to sub-consciously understand the idea of it’s purpose.

For example, a sign with the word ‘open’ with no context, could have multiple and conflicting ideas. However if this sign is placed within a building, outwards facing on a shopfront window, this indicates a particular trade is ‘open’ for business.


Film, posters and other forms of fictional advertising displays a prime example of challenging and clever semiotics.

Shown below, the James Bond franchise and movie poster for Skyfall (2012) depicts the main protagonist James Bond. He is characterized as a skilled, flirtatious and witty British Secret Service agent with power and authority. The skyline image of London in the background is overlapped with a cut-silhouette vortex-like shape. This spiraling image is a physical representation and play on the film title, as if exactly the sky was falling (Apocalyptic in nature).

Semiotics can sometimes be hypocritical and have multiple meanings, where the vortex can be seen as outpouring, a manifestation of the characters appearance walking towards us thus centering our attention and signifying his importance, rather than the ‘vortex’ theory.


‘Skyfall’ poster (