Board of Visual Influence

I’ve been looking at photo-montages to assist me in designing my supplement, having the idea to accumulate and present a selection of imagery that relates and contextualises the content within. Hamilton and Rauschenberg’s works in painting and collage (particularly photo) successfully and clearly display a message and idea.

‘Towards a definitive statement on the coming trends in menswear and accessories (a) Together let us explore the stars’ (Richard Hamilton,1962)


‘Skyway’ (Robert Rauschenberg,1964)

  • Perhaps utilising some of these collective and suggestive elements?

Palefroi (Marion Jdanoff, Damien Tran)

Palefroi are an artistic duo who share a love for screen printing, exploring illustrative and graphic abstract visuals.

Their language as a duo is at the crossroads of their respective worlds. One is formal and abstract, the other narrative and figurative. Over the years, the boundaries between their personal and collective work have become more and more porous.