Content + Aesthetics (2)

I’ve gathered a collection of bizarre and extraordinary information about Britishness. The content is now nailed down, consisting of a series of three supplements exploring these specific subjects:

  1. Great British Design
  2. Places to ‘Swing By’
  3. The Weird and Wonderful

Great British Design looks at inventions and niche or more common forms of creativity that has entertained or helped the people, especially forms of design that you might ignore in your everyday life.

Places To ‘Swing By’ is a more humorous outlook on days-out and what’s to do in Britain, potentially looking at more unconventional options and maybe suggesting options that aren’t the best? (Comedic taste?)

The Weird and Wonderful is the final edition, showing why Britain is what it is today, full of eccentric quirks that other countries would struggle to understand. A subtle boast as to what makes us different.




  • Revolving concept of a collective ‘mash-up’ purposing the design choices 
  • Work with type print? Assortment of fonts
  • Hand-rendered lettering