Content + Aesthetics

Britain has created an complicated and misunderstood culture over the course of its history, which would make an interesting subject to design an idea around, commenting and displaying what Britain has to offer in today’s society.

With this in mind, I thought about modernising the Renaissance’s ‘cabinet of curiosities, which were collections of extraordinary and ‘exotic’ natural wonders, some of which were yet to be understood. These displays were intended to create a story or image that would represent an object in a particular context.

Perhaps I can convey this image of amalgam and diversity? Presenting niche/rising/unknown subjects, social or cultural events and creative talent/history. Using an unconventional format and design I think would be appropriate, as this represents the eclectic and confusing creative culture we have today.

  • Publication in the form of a cabinet
  • Offbeat randomisation representative in the design/aesthetic?

Example Cabinet // ‘The Wonder Cabinet for a Surrealist’ (Dana Newmann, 2008)