The Supplement: Content & Composition

My research into current and past ‘insert’ examples have led me to indie print and publications.

The number of niche and content-specific magazines in this day and age are on the rise. A number of publications consume and dominate the market with celebrity gossip, “how to”/advice columns, the ‘ideal’ lifestyle and ‘idiot box’ listings. Regular and non readers have an appetite for new, modern and offbeat content.

My idea was to be in-sync with the ideology of the title Create Britain and use that to make something visually unusual and different from what The Guardian readers might have seen before, representative of Britain’s forward-thinking, lesser-known creatives?


‘Crack’ Magazine, “Bjork: With All The Earth’s Electricity” (Issue 68)


‘Atlas’ Magazine (Summer 2015)

The Guardian’s current supplement ‘G2‘ explores a variety of subjects, in this particular issue it subjects scientific research into medical “useless procedures” including everyday human activities.

This method of presenting information whilst grasping the reader’s interest, is also concise and easy to understand. Filtering out the most important information is key when writing/finding my content.


The Guardian, ‘G2’ Supplement (October 2016)

I’ll need to be consistent with The Guardian brand and identity, taking key visual elements such as:

  • Font – Merriweather
  • Colour (If/when appropriate)
  • Layout (If/when appropriate)
  • Written style/format