‘Cool Britannia’ & Themes

The term ‘Cool Britannia‘ originated in the 1960s, used as a song title by the band Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. It was coined in the 90s, used by media as a marketing hype.

It described the renewed optimism and pride in British culture, particularly through the rise of Britpop acts and bands such as the Spice Girls and Oasis and the reputation of new and upcoming British artists.

The new government led by Labour’s Tony Blair latched onto this and used the term to promote themselves as ‘cool’ and ‘young’ to win the 1997 general election, which further ignited the country into a new era of hope and optimism.

It was seen as a time that Britain regained its identity as a country, where it appeared anything was possible. A revival and modernisation of what was felt during the 1960s, which inspired the scope of the creative industries.

Maybe this term could form the basis of my supplement? Although an old understanding of British values, it displays a former, well-recognised, established identity of the country?

Potential themes to consider/research:

  • Art – a history/discussion/update?
  • Design – what particular aspect?
  • Fashion – icons/designers/items of clothing
  • British identity – values/culture
  • Music – a timeline? Famous or obscure? Technology/Theory?