The Maquette: Materials/Change of direction

First question about making the sculpture:

What materials are on offer/shall I use?

I think steel is the most appropriate material to use for the sculpture considering the physical impact that the material needs to have, also the loose relation to the coal industry (manufacturing and machine). (Furthermore looking at ideas and sketches I have been producing in my notebook)


Wood pieces, mesh fabric, sale tape


Notebook pages

I initially thought of the idea to create a fluid funnel, using two block ends to wrap this ‘funnel’ around. The materials proved difficult to work with, especially considering the multiple elements. I’m after a connected form that envelopes itself but also gives the sense of imploding.

  • Perhaps something with more structure? A single sheet of material?

Cartridge paper

This is what I was after. The paper shapes to my manipulation, giving a dynamism and an image of singularity. A dimension that cannot be related to any existing shape or form, it is an unknown object of mystery.

*This potentially could change my process, as the nature of the construction allows for spontaneity, rather than working to a  current design. 


Notebook pages



Felt fabric

I have also been testing felt, which proved unsuccessful, the structure which I needed did not lie here, as the flimsy form was too loose and flexible to the touch.

  • “Too spongy”
  • Fluctuant form is too unstable
  • However the colour emphasises an uncanny, dark tone. something that I could apply to the sculpture?