Initial Concepts

Whilst I’ve been gathering relevant research, I’ve been sketching and documenting various ideas. The general feeling is I want to create an experience, something that one can mentally interact with.

I’ve been considering multiple concepts, including those relating to locations around where I live:

  • Coalite industry
  • Unearthly
  • The Unknown
  • Spacial

The now-derelict Bolsover coalite site was shut down more than a decade ago and is now a repulsive, contaminated scar on the land. Perhaps to create a sculpture related to the unfortunate events that happened?




Notebook sketches


Some notes I wrote down during the research were:

  • “Disorientating”
  • “Going into something”
  • “Fearful because of size”
  • “Windows”
  • “Shallow light”

Using these notes and research I have begun to contextualise and understand better what I wish to convey. Minimalism is a key factor, stripping back to the essentials in order to erase all visual realism and achieve maximum impact. This creates a sense of mystery and uncertainty, leaving the audience to speculate and use their curiosity.