Research papers and the ‘Sublime’

I have been reading up on Tate papers online, gathering the language to help me fathom what sort of experience I want to give to an audience. I have taken excerpts and compiled them together, best describing what inspires and strikes to what I am thinking. Making a analytical explanation of the sublime; to strike the mind with a sense of grandeur and awe.

A space modelled into the likeness of a crater – literally, a bowl-shape – that is nearly eight feet wide: such a space will invite the viewer to step in close, and then do its best to engulf him in a fiery embrace. I needed a painting that would make a firm, strong impact on anyone who entered the room, before they turned to other works of mine with other agendas. Showmanship, in other words, gets inextricably bound up with an artist’s desire to deliver the sublime.

Julian Bell, ‘Contemporary Art and the Sublime‘, (

Viola reminds us what it is to be alive and embodied, conditions we often suspend in the fast-paced hyperreal world of peak experiences.

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