Examples of Current Art: Richard Serra

I’ve delved into my knowledge of some artists that inspire me, firstly Richard Serra. This piece shown below is located in the Qatar Desert. Each steel plate is parallel to each other in height, a measurement of the Gypsum Plateau around it.

“If one is open to the possibility as a work of art in the landscape, it might actually change how you see that landscape”

Serra (‘Richard Serra unveils sculpture in Qatar Desert’, Youtube, 2014)


Richard Serra ‘East-West’ (http://www.qm.org.qa)

Serra’s idea of a sculpture appears to be minimalistic, uneasy on the eye, blunt yet mysterious. His large architectural curves and linear elements are sublime and disorientating, making the viewer examine and subconsciously move around to see in full, thus inventing an path of interaction.

Some small points I made:

  • The solitary location creates an isolated experience between the piece and viewer
  • Using walking as thinking
  • Distance of piece encourages movement of interaction
  • A Journey
  • Contemplation
  • Uncanny

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