Examples of Current Art: Kurt Perschke

Perschke’s ‘Redball Project’ is a non-specific site piece in the form a giant ball, acting as a haphazard encounter within the everyday bustle of city life.

It’s flexible shape and rich colour entices passers by to approach and interact with it, changing their mindset and resurfacing their childlike curiosity. The concept brings people together, disrupting their everyday routine to discover something new.

Through the Redball project I utilize my opportunity as an artist to be a catalyst for new encounters within the everyday

Perschke, (http://redballproject.com/)

Kurt Perschke 'The Redball Project' (http://amalgame-magazine.com)

Kurt Perschke ‘The Redball Project’ (http://amalgame-magazine.com)

Some short notes follow:

  • There’s something interesting about the juxtaposition of its abstract nature yet referential familiarities (E.g. A Red Nose).
  • It’s non-permanent/specific structure means that a vast amount of people can see the piece, also seeming as if the ball has a mischievous nature, taking on a life of its own.
  • (Also consider the size of the ball, enough to engulf a person however not building stories high. Enough to be noticed by the eye but must be discovered first) 


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